couple walking dog in autumn

Couples Counselling

Communication skills

Just because people live together does not mean they remember how to communicate. Body language, tone of voice, communicate respect, commitment and caring just as much as words do.

Identifying the problem

How to get back on the same team with your partner. (It is always the behavoiur, not the person, that is the problem.)

Marriage is for grown-ups

Being in a couple means being responsible for one’s own responses, words, and actions. Ask yourself:

  • Will this bring us closer or place a wedge between us?
  • How can I be more mature in this relationship right now?

Reawakening the romance

What did you used to love and appreciate about your partner? They likely need to hear this from you.

Asking for what YOU need and want

You don’t have to be defensive about your needs/wants. In a safe environment, each person can ask for what they want and still be respected.

Really listening

To listen to the other without rebuttal, or rebuke or sarcasm, is to let the other know they MATTER, that they are loved, seen and heard. Who doesn’t grow and thrive in that environment?