Treatment of Anxiety

Replacing negative self-talk

Getting rid of the constant play of negative self-talk in one’s head can go a long way in lessening anxiety. Many people have a well developed critic within who berates and accuses them, making it hard to thrive and relax into positivity.

Distraction from the problem can open up solutions

As you focus on something that feels better, you become aware there is more to life than the problems you are focused on. Laughter feels better than worry. It is OK to reach for a better thought , even in tough times.

Using positive affirmations

Affirmations are positive, present tense, succinct statements of what you DO want in your life. Replacing the negative thoughts with positive affirmations can change one’s thoughts, feelings and actions. for example: repeating out loud many times /day that Life loves me and I am safe, feels infinitely better than saying that life is hard and awful. Doesn’t it?

Breathing/Relaxation exercises

Your mind functions much like a computer does: what you input In, is what comes back out. As you train your body to relax, your mind/emotions relax also, and then all of you begins to feel better.

Change your thinking to change your life

Is there ANY other way to look at this situation? Is it ALWAYS true, this thing you are telling yourself? If that thing did happen, what could you Still Do?

Action steps to take to make something better

Sometimes, anxiety is made bigger by procrastination and worry. First, you need to feel the feelings about the thing you may be avoiding. Once you begin to do this, the feelings become more manageable, and you can discover what you coul Do to help alleviate the anxiety. One step at a time.