Coming Home, an Appreciation

What do I take for granted that is a good thing in my life?

I have just spent a week away… and some of it was wonderful. At times though, I was reminded of what I have at home: quiet, peace, warmth, a nice backyard. Even when it is snow covered, as this long winter, our backyard is still a haven for birds and squirrels. At home I have the hustle bustle of family life, with my kids’ friends dropping in to hang out (and eat!), or time when we have quiet evenings to read or watch a movie. I have work I really enjoy.

I have dreams and plans and hopes for the future, quiet conversation with family or friends, writing time. A gym membership, which has made this winter more bearable.

Did I miss home when I was away? A little.

As much as a week in the warm and sun refreshed my spirit and reminded me it will not always be winter here. I missed the comfort of home, the quiet places where I can meditate or write or watch the red-tailed hawk outside the window who landed in our maple tree to rest. The refreshing walks to the mailbox. The delight of pulling into the garage at the end of the day. Knowing home is a place where love is.

Perhaps that is the best part of a holiday… the coming home. For the first few days after our return, I looked around my home, my office, my town, with new eyes. So much that is good here, the winter trees, the warm indoor heat, the little familiar things.

Now I have been away for a bit, I can see it all again. And I am grateful. Life is good.