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Treatment of Depression

Unloading the problem

Just talking about what is troubling you with someone who is not family or part of the problem, can help. Your thoughts and feelings will be honoured and respected here.

What are the feelings?

Feelings have a short shelf-life if they are allowed to be…┬áthere are no wrong emotions. If you feel it, it is safe to feel it here. You are not wrong or bad or selfish to have feelings.

What do YOU need?

Asking for help, and giving yourself permission to HAVE needs, is the first step in healing. Not taking care of yourself emotionally, physically, mentally only leads to burn-out, resentment and illness.

Finding/mobilizing your inner resources

What CAN you do? Or what can you stop doing that is draining you dry? What in you is still whole, still capable?

What makes your heart sing?

What gives you pleasure or joy? What has ever been fun for you, or meaningful or relaxing?

Making use of your Care Team / Support system

You, your family doctor, myself and any other support people in your life can all help you to begin to feel better. If you need medication for a short time or a long time, your MD can help you sort this out. We will all work together to help you. It is not a sign of weakness to feel depression or anxiety. In fact it may be a sign that you have been strong for far too long.