Floating Your Boat

Last week my sister from the west coast of the U.S., sent my horoscope from her local paper.

“Playing makes you feel lighter. Being overwhelmed with too much work and pressure makes you feel heavier. Knowing this, what can you throw over the edge of the boat to keep yourself buoyant?”

We have been practicing this at our house in a physical way: sorting clothing we no longer wear and donating it to the local charity shops in town, giving away old furniture we no longer need, going through old photo albums. Winter is a good time for sorting, organizing, paring down

What can I “throw overboard”?

At a recent dinner with friends, someone asked, “If you could raise your happiness level by just one number on a scale of 1 to 10, what would it be?

What would raise your happiness number by one?

Each of us around the table knew exactly what would make it easy for us to be more buoyant… do more writing, get more sleep, find a new hair stylist, meditate daily, move to BC.
Buoyancy is personal and relative.

Adding a little buoyancy is Life Affirming.

It doesn’t have to cost anything, and it can add immeasurably to one’s life and sense of well-being.

Take Action Challenge:

Ask yourself “What would raise your happiness level by ONE number?” and do something on your list this week.