Take a Break from Worry

This morning as I was backing out of my icy driveway, past the huge snow piles on either side, I was reminded of what a challenge it can be to stay positive in the face of seemingly endless winter. Especially now that it is “officially” Spring on the calendar. When I came home I took a few minutes to build a roaring fire in our fireplace and make a pot of my favorite soup.

When faced with a situation over which one has no control, looking for something positive that one can do is a very healthy choice. Reaching for something that soothes, brings comfort or pleasure, even a distraction, is a great idea.

Feeling overwhelmed at work? Worrying about a family member? Grieving a loss? Tired of winter?

Reach for an activity that makes your heart sing for a while:

  • Get some books on Gardening from the Library and start planning your summer garden.
  • Call a friend who makes you laugh and ask her/him to just tell you about their day to cheer you.
  • Give yourself 5 minutes to unload and then ask your friend to talk about ANYTHING more fun than what you are fretting about.
  • Take your partner or family bowling (who goes bowling anymore?). Or swimming, or tobogganing.
  • Watch a funny movie, bake bread from scratch, start a craft project in the basement, make playdough with the kids or grandkids.

Most of the things that bring us down and cause us to lose sleep would be better served by a few hours of distraction/pleasure/fun, than by another grinding day of anxiety and worry.

Your perspective will change along with your mood. Everything, even the big difficult challenges of life, seem a little easier when you have had a break from the stress. A little breathing room can help you keep your perspective and open you to other possibilities for positive change.

Take a break from worry